What We Do

The focus of the association is beekeeping in southern Alberta and Calgary in particular. The club hosts both formal meetings with an information focus in a meeting facility, the less formal "Bees & Beers" at the Kensington Legion and seasonal events such as our summer Bar-Bee-Q.

We organize group/club buys of nucs, bee supplies and inform you of upcoming courses, seminars and other special events.


Whether you are a long-time beekeeper or find yourself bee-less in Calgary, you are welcome to join our club and attend our events.

Send us an email telling us about your swarm.
Include your phone or email.
The location of the swarm (street address).
How high up it is, etc.

The World's Sweetest Honey
This is a recording of Ron Miksha's presentation at the January Banquet and Honey Competition.


2017 Bee Package and Comb Purchase
The club is accepting orders for the 2017 program.
Packages @ $209 each
Drawn comb @ $6.30 each.
Arrival near the end of April.
More information and purchase instructions are on our BEE STORE page.

Monthly General Meeting - Wed April 12
Parkdale Community Centre 7PM
Speaker is Medhat Nasr: "Spring Management of Honey Bees".
Topics include bee package installations, swarm conrol, doing splits and queen introductions
Spring Feeding
1: April Meeting with Medhat Nasr will include some information on this.
2: Watch the CalgaryBeekeepers@Yahoogroups.com postings.
Members may contact our membership secretaries to be sure you receive these postings.
3: Global Patties website has information on how & when to use patties.
See the section on "Don't Stop Now! We're just getting started"
Aggie Days April 5-April 9, 2017
Calgary & District Beekeepers Association is bringing their engaging and interactive bee display to Aggie Days at Stampede Park.
For more information see
the Stampede Website.
Aggie Days-Stampede Honey Competition
This event is operated by the Calgary & District Beekeepers Association.
See our Annual Events page for more details.
Award winners from the Aggie Days event will be displayed at the Calgary Stampede in July.

Alberta Apiculture: Annual Report for 2016
The Annual Report by Medhat Nasr was issued Jan 9, 2017. It contains a great overview of the year's results.
Download or view a copy here.

For more information from Alberta Apiculture view here.

Bee Health App for Smart Phones
Available from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, this app is intended to help you with on-the-spot pest and disease diagnosis and treatment options.
It's free and available for Android and iPhone.
Please go to the Apple App Store or google play store and search for bee health app. It is already there and can be down loaded.

IPM: Recommendations for Management of Honey Bee Diseases & Pests in Alberta

See the latest edition of recommendations issued by the Government of Alberta.
PID: Premises Identification Program

Alberta Beekeepers, hobby and commercial, must apply for a Premises Identifcation Account and register at least one location.
See our "Beekeeping Resources" page and the "Rules and Regulations" section for links to more information and applications forms.

Visit the Alberta Apiculture website
Email Alberta Apiculture: bee@gov.ab.ca
Downloadable Beekeepers Registration form