Meeting Notes: Tuesday October 11, 2011

7:00 pm, October 11, 2011
Banff Trail Community Centre

Executive present:  Gillian C. – Treasurer:  Ken C. – President:  Bert B.- Secretary:  Gerry P. – V.P.

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm. by President Ken, with 25 members in attendance.

Christmas Pot luck and honey competition
It was agreed that the above event will be held on December 09, with the doors opening at 5:00 PM.   The hall is available until 1:00 AM.
For the honey show, there will be three events: Dark Honey, Light Honey and Creamed Honey. 
At 6:00pm. Bob I. and Richard H. will collect and label samples.
It was collectively agreed that only one sample needs to be provided for judging.
Ron Miksha has kindly agreed to judge the honey entries.

Meeting venue options- 2012

The Club has been advised that Banff Trail will no longer be available on Wednesdays in 2012. In order to keep our Wednesday meeting date we would have to find another meeting site.
Discussed were some alternate sites such as returning to Coop auditoriums or changing the meeting day to a Tuesday.  No firm decision was made.

Fort Calgary Hive

Ken C. and Lorraine have had some discussions with grounds Staff at Fort Calgary about placing a bee hive on the site.
Dan Swan volunteered to lead a committee to develop this proposal.   Jim R.  Peter C., Taryn M., Bruce A., Bert B., Bob I., Glenda ?& Beth. ? volunteered to be part of the committee.

Winter Wrapping – Bee Works

A David Eyre Winterizing movie was shown.  As a preliminary to wrapping with tar paper he demonstrated the installation of two Apistan strips in the bottom box on the brood fringe.  Strips should be removed after 42 days.
He precut his tar paper to length and height and interestingly plugged all openings with foam prior to commencing the wrapping this was done to contain the bees.  David used no insulation.

Winterizing Forum

Prior to closing, a discussion was held amongst the membership on various successful winterizing practices. Some members used plenty of insulation and tar paper, others used sown fabric covers and no insulation and presented the theory of the ice box syndrome from excessive insulation. 
Others wintered hives in insulated quads. Others successfully wrapped and wintered colonies under insulated tarps.
In summary it was agreed that hives should enter winter with strong queens, that the mites should be under control and that the floors should be sloped forward in order to drain moisture away.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Next meeting will be held at 7:00pm., Wednesday November 09, at Banff Trail Community Hall. 

On the agenda will be Formic Acid treatment, Bee Movies, Queen Rearing, December, Pot Luck Dinner.

Bert Blouin, Secretary
Calgary and District Beekeepers Association.


 PDF version available for download