Calgary Honey Show - Friday, December 9, 2011

Judged Honey Competition
Beekeepers Choice Award
Potluck Dinner

1 Judged Honey Competition  

Head Judge: Ron Miksha

Assistant & Trainee: Carmella Ohly

Ron Miksha with Carmella Ohly

The workbench

Light liquid honey (10 entries):

1st - Don Ward and Roy Copithorne
(both with 98 points)

2nd - Taryn Montgomery and Janne Hicklin
(both with 94 points)

Ron Miksha, Ken Crebbin, Roy Coppethorne, Don Ward

Janne Hicklin, Ron Miksha, Ken Crebbin, Taryn Montgomery

Dark liquid honey (9 entries):

1st - Ken Crebbin (98 points)

2nd - Carmela Ohly (97 points)

3rd - Sylvia Gibson, Bruce Aitken, and
Cindy & Scott Whitehead
(all with 95 points)

Bruce Aitken(3rd), Ron Miksha, Ken Crebbin(1st), Carmela Ohly(2nd), Sylvia Gibson(3rd)
Cindy & Scott Whitehead (3rd)

Creamed honey (3 entries):

1st - Ken Crebbin (97 points)
2nd - Jim Rogers (94 points)
3rd - Gillian Colborne (93 points)

Special thanks to Ron Miksha for taking the time and doing and excellent job judging all the entries as well and explaining the scoring process to everyone!

Ron Miksha, Gillian Colborne (3rd) (with side kick), Ken Crebbin (1st), Jim Rogers (2nd)


2 Beekeepers' Choice Award (22 entries):

1st - Cindy and Scott Whitehead

2nd - Taryn Montgomery and Glenda Livingston (tied)

Cindy & Scott Whitehead with Ken Crebbin

Taryn Montgomery, Ken Crebbin, Glenda Livingston

3 Potluck Dinner: