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Bees - Nucs, Packages, Queens, Queen Cells

Calgary Beekeepers Association Bee Purchase Program -

The club organizes a bee purchase program each year. Orders from members usually start in January for delivery in late April.
A club membership is mandatory for this program.

Here are two documents from Scandia Honey to help you install your packages and get them established:

Package Bee Tips.
Calgary & District Beekeepers Assn: club queen group purchase
Bill Rayment is our co-ordinator for the supply of queens for club members.

You may contact Bill by email or phone: (403) 630-4848.

April: queens sources through Scandia Honey
May-June: Saskatraz Queens
Saskatraz queens are selected for hygenics, prairie hardiness, temperament, honey production If you want to learn more about their breeding visit
Greidanus Honey Mill, High River- NUCS
Contact Grace at (403) 422-0712

Program offering:
Place your order from early March to mid- April.
Pickup your order at the honey house between 7 AM &10 AM:
The pickup dates will be announced.
5 Frame Nucs with
1 California Queen
1 Kg or more of bees
2 or more frames of brood and young larvae
1 or more frames of feed
1 or more frames of Pollen
Syrofoam nuc boxes
H&B's Honey Hutt
Harold & Becky Coville
Near Chestermere, AB
Tel: (403) 235-0067
Cell: (403) 399-0712

Bees for sale: single storey hives & nucs

Accepting orders for 2017
Layaway plans available


Single Storey Hive: $400.00
Covers-inner and top
Bottom board
1 deep brood chamber
9 frames with food, pollen, eggs, larva
Approx 5 lb of bees

Nuc Hive: $325.00
Disposable nuc box container
4 drawn frames with food, pollen, eggs, larva
Approx 3 lb of bees.

Robert Watson - 4 Frame Nucs - $285.00
Orders accepted January - June 2017
Delivery during May & June
Cell: (403) 966-8725
Email Rob:

A nuc gives you a jump on the season with an established laying queen with brood.

Your nuc order includes:
1 actively laying Kona queen (all the way from Hawaii)
1.2 kg or more of bees (3 to 5 lb of bees)
2 deep frames of brood - all stages
2 deep frames of honey and pollen

Your order comes in a 4 frame waxed cardboard nuc box.

Allen Dick - Swalwell, Alberta
Contact Allen by email
Allen sells established hives on request. Strong singles and sometimes doubles are available in June or early July, just in time for the main honeyflow, and ready to super. Complete hives are sometimes available any time of year. Prices vary with the hive and what goes with it. He is located about an hour's drive from Calgary and can sometimes deliver if required.

The livestock comes in EPS: Expanded PolyStyrene hive bodies with base and outer cover. If you need extra bases and covers please contact Allen.
Bee Maid - Spruce Grove
PO Box 3909
70 Alberta Avenue
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3B1
Toll Free: (800) 213-6131
Bee Maid, with its website, is a long established bee supply outlet for hobbyists, sideliners and commercial beekeepers in western Canada. It is a producer-owned Co-operative. It carries a full line of personal gear, beekeeping tools, hive equipment, honey house equipment, CFIA compliant containers and much more. The showroom in Spruce Grove has a lot more than their website. Feel free to call for help. Shipping is prompt and usually inexpensive.

Peavey Mart: High River, Strathmore, Red Deer
These stores have packages of bees and beekeeping equipment
Check the "Store Locator" on their website for address, phone numbers and hours of business.
HoneyHouse Supply: Strathmore

Tel: (403) 651-4174
This supplier opened in 2016 and offers:
Livestock in season - nucleus hives (nucs), packages, queens
personal gear and beekeeping equipment.
You may order ahead for free delivery to CDBA monthly meetings
They are located near Strathmore, AB.

Golden Acres Garden Centre: Calgary
(near McKnight Blvd and Deerfoot Trail NE)
620 Goddard Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2K 5X3

Tel: (403) 274-4286
Golden Acres added a bee supply section in 2017 and offers:
Livestock in season - Packages
Protective clothing, personal gear, beekeeping equipment, tools.
They offer a 15% discount to members of Calgary & District Beekeepers Association.
Present your membership card to request your discount.

Spring 2017 offer of Packages:

1.5 kg package of open bred Italian honeybees from Western Australia.
Retail C$229.99

The Urban Bee Hive

Tel: (403) 870-5371
Calgary, Alberta

We offer mentorship programs for the aspiring beekeeper, in your own back yard. Learn from an experienced beekeeper.

Products for sale:
Full set of hive boxes and wood frames fully assembled (made in Calgary), Plastic wax foundation, plastic frames, brushes & hive tools, smokers, frame grips & holders and queen excluder.

Principals are Mark Cunningham & Brian Fong


Scandia Honey Corp

99 Railway Avenue
PO Box 8
Scandia AB T0J 2Z0
T: (403) 362.3951

Scandia holds a "Hobbyist and Hutterite Day" on the last Friday in April each year.
Call Scandia to place your order for pickup on that day.

British Columbia
BC-North Okanagan Shuswap bees from Bill Stagg, Tappen, BC
For background information on this bee please visit SweetAcre Apiaries
Delivery is usually in May.
For 2013 Bill is making 4 frame nucs available in cardboard boxes.
Please contact Bill Stagg about delivery to Calgary.

BC Bee Breeders Association
Members Section


"Saskatraz" bees from Saskatchewan
- Albert Robertson, Saskatoon
14 families to choose from:
Nucs - Out crossed breeder queens with 4 frame nuc -
Breeder Queens
Queen Cells.
For more information please Visit the Saskatraz site

Saskatchewan Bees from Tony Lalonde Sales, Clavet, SK
(near Saskatoon)
This bee is bred in Saskatchewan. For background information visit Tony Lalonde Sales.
Configurations offered are:
5 Frame Nuc;
9 frame / 1 story hive;
18 frame / 2 story hive.
An permit to import into Alberta will be required.

Saskatchewan Bees from Pedersen Apiaries, Cut Knife, SK

Karen Pederson will be offering Queens and Queen cells this year.
She offers only the livestock surplus to their needs.
Delivery will be timed for late June to early July for requeening and nuc development
Pedersen Queens - to be shipped in one or two lots.
Pedersen Queen Cells - probably one lot.



Global Patties
Bay 2, 8 East Lake Way NE
Airdrie, AB T2A 2J3

Call ahead as they usually close for the day at 1 PM

tel: 403-948-6084


Bill Rayment: (403) 630-4848 or email

I have a supply of Ambrosia Bee Fondant manufactured in Germany. It contains 3 sugars used by bees: Sucrose, Glucose and Fructose with little or no HMF (HydroxyMethylFurfural). The product is vacuum packed into 2.5 Kg heavy plastic bags. The shelf life is reported to be 3 years.

It has been used by a number of Kamloops beekeepers over the past few years and is gaining popularity there. Uses are the same as usual fondant: winter feeding but works well for starting nucs and packages when they need feed in cooler weather. Often used to supplement winter stores in the spring as insurance against starvation.

1x 2.5 kg package $12.50
1 box of 5 packages, 12.5kg $60.00
On your email please use the word "Fondant" in the subject line.

Bear Safety

Margo Supplies, High River

Margo Supplies Website
Youtube Videos on wildlife safety

Government of Alberta information
BearSmart website
Government of Alberta may be able to help with the temporary emergency short term loan of bear fence material.
You then install your own fence arrangement and return the loaner to Fish and Wildlife.

If a bear is a public safety concern, call the 24-hour Report A Poacher line: 1 (800) 642-3800
If you encounter a bear or wish to report a bear siting use the Report A Poacher line.

Equipment & Supplies for Sale
new and used
Manufacturers, Retailers, Beekeepers

Bentley Honey Extractor
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm
Cook and Beals, Inc.
Cowen Manufacturing
Dadant and Sons, Inc.
Dakota Gunness, Inc
E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd.

Maxant Industries
BeeMaid BeeStore
Western Bee Supply
Tony Lalonde Sales
MediVet Pharmaceuticals Ltd., High River
Walter T. Kelley Co.
Beermann Assembled Hive Set - 6 piece

Bee Prepared Honey Farms
233244 Range Road 282
Rocky View AB T1X 0H2

Peter Beermann
(403) 279-9283

This is a quick cost effective way to start or increase your woodenware inventory. Supers and frames are already assembled. No nails or screws required. This is NOT Ikea- style.
Supers are painted white and ready to go. Bottom board and Inner covers are oiled.

Set includes 1 each:
Bottom Board, Entrance reducer, Hive Top Feeder, Inner cover and outer telescoping cover.
One Deep Super - with 9 frames - new wood frame with plastic foundation.
All the woodenware pieces are fully assembled.
$ 165.00
Just add bees and you are on your way.
Extra equipment is available:
Deep super painted with 9 frames - $65
Medium super painted with 9 frames - $55
Hive top feeder - $40
Inner cover - $10
Telescoping outer cover - $25
Bottom board - $35
Entrance reducer - $2
Pollen Trap - $40
Queen Excluder - $12

Frames-Deep- wood with plastic foundation - $3.75
Frames-Medium- wood with plastic foundation - $3.50
Plastic foundation - $1.55

Used Deep Brood Boxes with drawn comb.

Alex Cerny
Tel: (403) 249-8789

Alex is a long-time commercial operator.

He is downsizing his operation and has surplus used brood boxes with frames.
Equipment is Langstroth deep 9 7/8 equipment.
All have 9 slot frame spacers.
$50 / box: Hive body plus 9 frames of drawn comb.


EPS: Expanded PolyStyrene hives

Beaver Plastics Ltd.
7-26318 Twp Road 531A
Acheson, Alberta T7X 5A3


This hive body accepts a Langstroth standard deep frame. The walls are thicker and , hence, the outer dimensions are larger than a standard wooden Langstroth hive body.
Spring 2015 pricing was $21.90 each plus freight and GST
For larger volumes they fit 54/palette.
Discounts are available if you buy a truckload.

Purchase direct from Beaver Plastics; there are no distributors in Alberta.
Contact person is Persa Zagorac.

For more information see the Beaver Plastics site with 2 downloadable brochures.

Wooden Bottom Boards and Outer Covers for EPS hives:

Allen Dick

Swallwell, AB
The EPS hive bodies accept the standard Langstroth deep frame. However, the walls are thicker than standard wooden hive bodies and require a large bottom board, inner cover, and outer cover. If you need extra bottom boards or outer covers contact Allen Dick. He has a surplus of these.

"They are of heavy wood construction, designed for maximum utility. I came on this design after using EPS boxes for almost two decades and have found them perfect for the job, summer and winter.

They fit the Beaver boxes nicely and are heavy enough not to blow off or warp. They provide a good seal on top when used with a canvas, plast ic sheet, or a pillow. They inside is designed to allow space under for placing patties or even a baggie feeder on top of the brood frames and a pillow or sheet keeps the bees from building burr comb after such items are removed. In Winter, a bag of insulation goes under the lids and they seal well.

These lids are designed to fit down over wooden supers In summer as well (with no top space to gum up). A sheet of plastic under is recommended to keep them from getting waxed up.

They are assembled and ready to use. Personally, I don't bother painting them as the cost and trouble is worth more than the cost of replacement in twenty years or so, but some do. "
Petr Ondracek

email Petr

Petr is offering 2 identical hives @ $350 each.
Fits 10 standard deep Langstroth frames.
Supers made of 1 3/4" thick solid cedar for insulation plus

outer shell of 3/4" cedar.

IPM: Iotron Equipment Sterilization

The Calgary Club has, in the past, sent equipment for sterilization to Iotron in Coquitlam, BC.
There will be no program for spring 2016.
For information and photos for the Iotron Sterilization program please see the description by the Richmond Beekeepers Club.
Beekeepers may do this on their own account. Because of the minimum charge, it takes about 85 supers or more to bring the costs to $5/box.

You may wish to arrange to include your shipment with another beekeeper or club by contacting Iotron directly -

For club shipments, please label each box with:

Beekeeper's name
Club name: "Calgary Beekeepers"

Beekeeper's contact phone
Beekeeper's email for this purpose.

Plastic Bags
Glad offers an "Extra Large Clear Bag": 127L, 31"x42" in boxes of 20.
Superstore noname offers a bag: 127L, 31"x41.7" in boxes of 50.

Walmart offers a bag: 121L, 31"x48" in boxes of 20.
If you are using a coloured, not clear, garbage bag please mark the package on the outside with an arrow indicating which side is up.
Somewhere near your label indicate the number of the box: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.


Bee Yard Security

Bee yard Protection from BeeBehavior

This site offers a wide range of security devices from "Critter Gitters", noise makers, solar powered devices and GPS Hive Trackers, and electric fence supplies. They also have branding irons.

Beekeepers's Beehive Branders from BrandNew Industries, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA