Resistance Training
Building Strong muscles has never been this easy and portable. Get into shape with our portable fitness kits,
as well as Resistance cables and stretch Bands.

Dual Resistance Bands Dual Resistance Bands
Canadian $19.00

Reference No. DRB

Light Resistance Tube Light Resistance Tube
Canadian $15.00

Reference No. RTL

Medium Resistance Tube Medium Resistance Tube
Canadian $15.00

Reference No. RTM

Heavy Resistance Tube Heavy Resistance Tube
Canadian $15.00

Reference No. RTH

Portable Fitness Kit Portable Fitness Kit
Canadian $39.00

Reference No. PFK

Stretch Bands Stretch Bands
Canadian $25.00

Three 4' bands provide 3 levels of resistance: Yellow for light Red for medium Blue for heavy
Reference No. VSB


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